This mad scientist hopeful is able to craft outlandish inventions and can use this ability to establish an air of tentative fear that would make any customer settle for what they're given.
Also possesses an uncanny detection of psychic powers.


Backup guitarist for a band called "Double Paradox". Unflappably mellow, easily impressed, and can never seem to write a song that doesn't make use of the word "side".
Also the humble owner of a distinctive bass voice and faster fingers than Eddie Van Halen.


Believes the pen is mightier. Snarky, self righteous, and completely intolerant of other people's stupidity.


Flexible. Fearless. Fighter. Wields an aura of mystique and has never lost a battle.


Dark Lord of the Superstore, bent on total domination of the niche retail market for super-powered crime fighters and villains alike. Seems quite fond of referring to people as mortals, fools, and mortal fools.
Never asks questions, never admits fault. Every statement is a decree.